Are you tired of consumer culture, are you sick of tolerating «tolerance», fed up with being force-fed female pheromones? Well, guess what, sugar pie, we’re pretty f*cking sick of it, too. Hell yes, dude!

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Satan’s son

Ever wondered what it’s like to be Satan’s son? Unleashed lust, chronic alcoholism and reckless shooting — the usual routine.

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Main character Lou is healed by booze. The more he drinks the more his blood alcohol level increases, which is sorta good for him.

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Save Hell

Yup, that’s right — Hell! It’s not the place it used to be — Hell’s been possessed by the most vile dark evil the world has known — people.

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Kill Boss

The idea behind those sub levels is to kill specific Bosses. Each Boss represents unique multi stage fight and it is pretty challenging.

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Rescue your «princess» — the most badass dare-deviless Hell has ever seen. Whoever decides to stand in your way’d better be sorry! Hell yes.

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The game consists of four levels, such as the hellish Big Wack fast food cafe, Skeletons Slums and the Red Lights District.

BDSM is basically a shooter with strong RPG elements

The game itself takes place in Hell where the main hero, Lou, is to find a booze and rescue most hot Mistress from the clutches of a fat clown



BDSM.  You get it. What’s this game about, you ask? You like story, do you? Want to really be grabbed by the short and curlies, huh? Well, you’re just the kind of bastard we want playing this game so I’ll tell you.

You become the devil’s son, the literal spawn of Satan. And that’s the good news. The bad news: Hell is occupied by Human Military Forces, hundreds of your fellow demons are being slaughtered for burgers by the Big Wack fast food franchise, and all the girls you used to know went to work in fancy ass cathouses they won’t let you into anymore. Oh, and did you think there weren’t any pure-blooded Third-Reich ponies? Because there are. A lot of them, actually.

This ain’t the hell you know and love, so all you gotta do is bring it back. We’re about to have some fun.

Meet Lou — the son of the Devil!

The main character of BDSM is a brutal and charismatic guy who simply adores drinking, weapons and women. Every evening he checked out local bars, where he drank pitchers of beer and was constantly surrounded by women. Such a lifestyle was to his liking, until humans decided to disturb the peace. Hundreds of demons were slaughtered for burgers, all the succubi were sold to brothels! 
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Hell Weapons

As any other decent shooter, BDSM has a wide range of damn powerful weapons for players to clear our Hell. Each weapon has an alternative shooting mode with a different range or recoil.

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welcome to sweet hell!

Are you tired and need to relax? So we did something about it. We made something different. Something new. And we made it just for you.